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Gamma Cameras & NM Workstation

Diagnostic Imaging Ltd is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for DDD-Diagnostic A/S

 DDD has been involved in design and development of some of the most successful gamma camera systems used by hospitals, imaging centers and clinics throughout the world.

DDD is developing and marketing a range of dedicated gamma camera systems, primarily for niche applications. Like all other DDD gamma cameras, these camera systems represent Danish Design and Quality and are characterized as “no nonsense” gamma camera systems.

In addition to gamma cameras DDD are now offering the Segami Oasis NM Workstation as a value added option. The Oasis delivers the full spectrum of clinical NM and multi-modality applications.  

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The DDD range of gamma camers are installed and supported by Medical Imaging Consultanst LTD (MIC)

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DDD Gamma Cameras Available 







Oasis NM Workstation

Solo Gamma Camera from DDD

SoloMobile Gamma Camera from DDD

Nephro Gamma Camera from DDD

QuantumCam Gamma Camera from DDD

CorCam Gamma Camera from DDD