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The DIL Krypton Delivery Kit (Kr-060) is a single use, disposable system that is universal to all Krypton 81m generators available at this time. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Kr-060 is an inexpensive circuit that will enable users to comply with the MDA Directive on Single Use Devices, MDA DB 2000 (04).

Kr-060 has many advantages over other Kr-81m delivery systems that are currently in use:

Small, compact design.

Compatible with all Kr-81m Generators

Variable length, expandable tubing of 40-150cm for greater flexibility.

Unique circuit design eliminates interfering background activity from tubing and generator lines

Greater reservoir volume of up to 570cc

Generator flow rates of up to 5 l/m can be used

No need to change or modify pump flow rates.

Can be held by the patient, staff or supported at a distance of 1.5m from the detectors.

Circuit can be angled to enable patients to be imaged in all positions (supine, prone etc)

Tubing length is sufficient to image patients supine under a twin detector gamma camera without Kr-81m spill.

Flexible kit design - can be supplied with any 22 mm mask or mouthpiece.