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Theranostics Products

Gamma Cameras




Our senior staff have more than 30 years experience each in selling a wide range of products and providing quality service support to the UK healthcare market.

Our offices are based in central England which gives us the ability to reach anywhere within the UK very easily and quickly. We are close to major motorways and airports for fast and convenient communication and distribution.

Diagnostic Imaging Ltd
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Direct sales - our sales staff have extensive and successful sales experience in the Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiology and Bone Densitometry markets. We have been involved in the sale of low cost consumable products to high tech. high value products.

Marketing - we can assist with all aspects of marketing including market surveys, product positioning, product launching, preparation of marketing plans and training.

Service - our engineers have a wide range of experience in providing  custom designed support.

Distributor Support - We can offer sales and marketing assistance to distributors for a wide range of products plus product training and product launch






Tc radioaerosol delivery circuits. The best selling radioaerosol delivery system in UK. Low Tc requirements, no contamination with excellent image quality

Gas delivery circuits. A wide range of accessories to enable efficient Krypton gas delivery to the patient

Sourced from a wide range of manufacturers from Europe, USA and Canada

Theranostic Products
Quality synthesisers and HPLC products designed and manufactured bt ITM, Germany

Lu-177 n.c.a.
EndolucinBeta - Lu-177 n.c.a from ITM Germany

Gamma Cameras & NM Workstation
SOLO, SOLOMobile, NephroCam, QuantumCam and CorCam from DDD. High quality gamma cameras from Denmark

Generic Medicines
A wide range of generic medicine sourced and licensed from within EU for distribution outside EEA